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Spend a Day Without Spending!
25th November (US - Canada)
26th November (Europe)

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Rap stanzas

Buy Nothing Day is a simple idea that is about our consumption habits. It's one day in the year when you are invited to take a break from shopping. It's also about growing environmental problems.

Buy Nothing Day is on 25th November in the US, the day after Thanksgiving when the most shopping is done. A good choice of day to fight pollution of culture and nature.

Buy Nothing Day started in 1993 by the founders of Adbusters and is now an international event celebrated in over 55 countries.

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TV spot about consumption in North America 01 adbusters.org

student's worksheet onyourmarks.org
key to the worksheet onyourmarks.org

interview about consumption in North America 02 adbusters.org

video clip for the Danish BND campaign bnd.dk

The Buy Less Rap music & script


BND New Zealand

The Yearly International BND

BND Sweden

RAP STANZAS by 3ème 1 and 3ème 4

based on the Buy Less Rap

All that you admire in a shop
As soon as you think it's the top
You often like what is useless
But which brings you happiness
Planet Earth is a garbage king
You must stop making food shopping !
by Audrey

Don't waste your wonderful planet
You mustn't spend all your big budget
Have your neurons and hurry up !
Help society and buck up* ! (to buck up : s'activer, se grouiller)
React to your useless purchases
And don't become destructive, please !
by Aurore

As soon as you see advertising
For you everything is interesting
Hey! But are you thinking of the environment?
Those toys, are they really important?
So, stop spending !
And instead, go walking !
by Flora

As you spend your money on so many things,
Planet Earth is becoming a garbage king.
You must think before making a purchase,
Isn't it better to put your money in a case?
Even if these new goods seem very funny,
Are they really necessary?
by Carolane

To live in happiness,
Stop buying things that are useless,
If you want to become old,
Protect your world,
So to protect the woods
Reduce your goods !
by Alexandre

Listen, listen consumer,
BND is celebrated on the last Friday in November,
Consumer, stop buying things that are useless
Consume less !
When you hesitate between two decisions,
Stop watching ads on television !
by Jessie

Hello you consumers !
We are the losers !
Stop buying useless things,
And stop watching advertisings !
You must be happy,
But you mustn't be crazy !
by Vanessa

We can make a decision,
To begin, stop watching television !
Don't buy things which are needless
And save your money, consume less !
Be a consumer hero,
Not a consumer zero !
by Anthony

Listen, listen, consumers !
We spend because of advertisers !
Don't buy things which are needless,
And save your money, consume less !
When you can't make a decision,
Don't watch too much television !
by Adeline

Be a consumer hero,
Not a consumer zero !
We invite you to stop buying,
Need and want aren't the same thing.
Americans consume 14 times more than Mexicans,
And 35 times more than Indians !
by Alexis


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