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One, Two, Three...
First, second, third...

One, Two, Three... cardinal numbers

Never put an "S" after hundred, thousand, million or billion!

200 : two hundred (two hundred cars) (voitures)
8,000 : eight thousand (eight hundred people) (gens)
3,000,000 : three million (three million inhabitants) (habitants)
5,000,000,000 : five billion (five billion human beings) (êtres humains)

Where you use a "." in French, you use a "," in English

50.000 (FR) - 50,000 (GB)

And vice versa, a "," in French will be a "." in English
12,5 (FR) - 12.5 (GB)
12,5/20 - 12.5/20 (twelve point five out of twenty)

A few expressions

11°C : eleven degrees Celsius
4,807 m : four thousand eight hundred and seven meters (Mount Blanc)
12 sq km : twelve square kilometers (12 km2)
1/2 : one half
1/4 : one quarter
1/3 one third
in the 1960s : in the (nineteen) sixties
250g of sugar : two hundred and fifty grammes of sugar
534998 (telephone number) : five, three, four, double nine, eight
5.30 pm (time) : it's half past five (PAGE on "what time is it?")
$95 : ninety-five dollars
$1.20 : one dollar twenty
£120 : one hundred and twenty pounds
55p : fifty-five pence
1p : one penny
30 € : thirty euros

Patrick's recording (1 to 10) American - quick

Patrick's recording (1 to 10) American - slow

Miriam's recording (1 to 10) English - quick

Miriam's recording (1 to 10) English - slow

Miriam's recording (11 to 20) English - quick

Miriam's recording (11 to 20) English - slow

1 one 2 two 3 three 4 four 5 five
6 six 7 seven 8 eight 9 nine 10 ten
11 eleven 12 twelve 13 thirteen 14 fourteen 15 fifteen
16 sixteen 17 seventeen 18 eighteen 19 nineteen 20 twenty

Patrick's recording (20 to 1,000) American - quick

20 twenty

30 thirty
40 forty
50 fifty
60 sixty
70 seventy
80 eighty
90 ninety
100 a hundred / one hundred
1,000 a thousand / one thousand

Patrick's recording (dictation)

Check your comprehension

Be careful with the years

66 ten sixty-six
1805 eighteen O five
1996 nineteen ninety-six
2005 two thousand AND five

First, second, third... ordinal numbers

You use them to :
- classify (Olympic Games, a race, a competition...)
- say the date (March 12th - April 1st...)
- do fractions (1/3 - 3/4...)

Ordinal numbers are made from cardinal numbers.
You simply add "th".
Some numbers change their spelling.
There are exceptions : the first, the second, the third.

the first (1st)
the second (2nd)
the third (3rd)
the fourth (4th)
the fifth (5th) - "VE" changes into "F"
the sixth (6th)
the seventh (7th)
the eighth (8th)
the ninth (9th) - "E" in "nine" disappears
the tenth (10th)
the eleventh (11th)
the twelfth (12th) - "VE" changes into "F"
the thirteenth (13th)
the fourteenth (14th)
the fifteenth (15th)
the sixteenth (16th)
the seventeenth (17th)
the eighteenth (18th)
the nineteenth (19th)
the twentieth (20th) - "y" changes into "ie"
the twenty-first (21st)
the twenty-second (22nd)
the twenty-third (23rd)
the twenty-fourth (24th) ...

the thirtieth (30th)
the fortieth (40th)
the fiftieth (50th)
the sixtieth (60th)
the seventieth (70th)
the eightieth (80th)
the ninetieth (90th)
the hundredth (100th)

Other examples

the sixty-fifth (65th)
the ninety-second (92nd)
the hundred AND thirtieth (130th)

A few dates

Monday, April 1st - Monday 1st April
Tuesday, July 5th - Tuesday 5th July
Wednesday, August 23rd - Wednesday 23rd August
Thursday, January 2nd - Thursday 2nd January
Friday, June 8th - Friday 8th June
Saturday, May 12th - Saturday 12th May
Sunday, October 30th - Sunday 30th October

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