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The pupils from 6ème 1 thank and congratulate the children from école des Buissonnets. They think the drawings are very good and funny ! Merry Christmas ! See you soon !

Les élèves de la 6ème 1 remercient et félicitent les enfants de l'école des Buissonnets. Ils trouvent leurs dessins très réussis et drôles ! Joyeux Noël ! A bientôt !


Discover Christmas vocabulary !
Découvre le vocabulaire de Noël !



This year, the cm2-6ème connection starts with descriptions by the 6ème 1 (Collège Jean Moulin) illustrated by the children from cm1-cm2 (Ecole des Buissonnets).
Cette année, la liaison cm2-6ème commence avec des descriptions écrites par la 6ème 1 illustrées par les enfants de cm1-cm2 de l'école.

Description 1 - "The Rabbit" by Lyès
His name is Pickachu. He is a rabbit. His body (1) is grey. He eats carrots, like (2) Buggs Bunny. He is on a box. The box is yellow, green, red and blue. He has got a black top hat (3). And he lives on Mars.

(1) body : corps - (2) like : comme - (3) top hat : chapeau haut de forme

Description 2 - "Victor" by Valentin
It's a dog. His name is Victor. He is two years old. He is black and white. He is a little crazy (1)! He loves playing. He is small. He is from Spain. He is clever and very funny!

VOCAB- (1) crazy : fou

Description 3
- "A Clown" by Arnaud
He is a funny boy. He has got a big red nose and green shoes. He is in a circus. He has got tomatoes. His face is white!

Description 4 - "My House" by Thomas
My house is located in a calm street. In my house, there are : a kitchen, four bedrooms and a bathroom.
There is a big garden and a big field (1).
My cat's name is Oscar and my guinea pig (2) 's name is Grégoire!

(1) field : terrain - (2) guinea pig : cochon d'Inde

Description 5 - "Joséphine" by Morganne
Her name is Joséphine. She is eleven years old. She has got long auburn hair. She has got one brother and one sister. She likes cinema and television. She has got pets.

Description 6 - "The Pink Cat" by Joséphine
He has got three tails (1), two feet, four eyes, three ears and thirty-two moustaches! He's pink and a little purple on the tail. He has got big black glasses and a brown nose. He likes the snow and the green rain! He's very funny!

VOCAB- (1) tails : queues

Description 7 - "My Animal" by Florian
This animal has got four paws (1). He has got lots of black stripes (2) and a long tail. He has got two eyes and whiskers (3). He is beautiful. He has got big teeth and a pink nose!

(1) paws : pattes - (2) stripes : rayures - (3) whiskers : moustaches

Description 8 - "The Girl" by Léa
She has got two long legs and wears (1) blue jeans. She has got long blond hair and blue eyes. She has got a red t-shirt. Her shoes are beautiful because they are red, blue, pink, purple, orange, green and yellow!

(1) wears : porte (un vêtement)

Description 9 - "I'm a Clown" by Gwendoline
I'm a clown! I have got a red nose, a blue, green purple and yellow t-shirt. I have got brown jeans and orange, red and yellow shoes! I have got four pink fingers. I have got grey hair. I have got a crocodile and two spiders. I have got purple and blue glasses. I have got black eyes.

Description 10 - "ACYLM" by Julien
His name is ACYLM. He has got six eyes, three red noses and eight green hands! He has got five feet. He has got a brown face. He is big. He has got a red pullover and a yellow t-shirt. His favourite colours are blue and purple. He has got ten black horses, eleven pink pigs and two monkeys. He lives in a metal house on top of a mountain!

Description 11 - "The Cats" by Clément
The black cat is old. He has got a red nose and a big, very big eye. He is in love with a white cat. She is old too. She has got a blue nose and a small, very small eye, the second is very big! They are big and funny. Today they are pretty!

Description 12 - "My home" by Jordan
I have got a little red house with a green garden and a little living-room and a blue bathroom!

Description 13 - "A Monster" by Romain
He is a big monster. I like this monster! It is very tall, very old, very very funny and smart (1). He is thirsty (2) so he is swimming in the swimming-pool (3).

(1) smart : élégant - (2) thirsty : assoifé - (3) swimming-pool : piscine

Description 14 - "Raoûl" by Jordan
His name is Raoûl. He has got glong green hair and yellow eyes. He is 100 years old! His baby speaks thre languages : English, Spanish and French. He has got three eyes and two noses!

Description 15 - "The Monster" by Kévin
The monster is very very ugly (1). It is a girl. She is red, blue and white because she is French! She speaks French, of course, English well and Spanish a little. Her favourite subject is history and her favourite sport is table tennis!

(1) ugly : laid

Description 16 - "The dog" by Killian
He has got three legs (1) and 4 heads (2). He is blue. He speaks English, French and Chinese! He has got ten tails. He is small. He is ugly but he is clever (3).

(1) legs : pattes - (2) heads : têtes - (3) clever : intelligent

Description 17 - "Liphéo" by Ophélie
His name is Liphéo. Children love him. He has got a red nose with a white face and a red lipstick (1). His clothes (2) have got lots of colours. He has got big shoes and a big wig (3). He can have a hat and glasses.

(1) lipstick : rouge à lèvres - (2) clothes : vêtements - (3) wig : perruque

Description 18 - "Maxence" by Emma
Maxence is a boy. He is blond and his hair is short. He is twenty-one months old. He has got blue eyes. He is big. He's my brother!

Description 19 - "Monster!" by Johan
He is a monster. He is ugly! He has got very long hair and a big green face. He has got red eyes. He has got two red noses and seven blue ears (1). He is very wicked (2).

(1) ears : oreilles - (2) wicked : cruel

Description 20 - "Four Feet!" by Mélanie
He has got blue eyes. He has got four feet (1). His colour is purple. He has got big hands and just one finger (2). He has got five yellow ears. He is eight years old.

(1) feet : pieds - (2) finger : doigt

Description 21 - "Chinese" by Charlotte
It's a monster! It has got ten hands and six eyes and two noses! It has got very little hair (1). It is green. It has got two faces. It is Chinese!

(1) very little hair : très peu de cheveux

Description 22 - "My House" by Louis
I live in the country (1). My house is big. There are six rooms : my bedroom, my parents' bedroom, my sister's bedroom, the bathroom, the kitchen and a big garden. There are lots of trees. It is a pretty (2) old house!

(1) country : campagne - (2) pretty : jolie

Description 23 - "Dolphin" by Aurélie
There is a grey dolphin in a big red pool (1). It is smiling (2). It has got three friends (3).

(1) pool : bassin - (2) smiling : sourit - (3) friends : amis

Description 24 - "Guess!" by Camille
Guess (1) who she is! She is very pretty and she is nice. She is smart. She has got dark hair, round glasses and a red pen in her hand. She teaches English!

(1) guess : devine

Description 25 - "The Animals' House " by Adrien
In a house, a cat is very stupid : he breaks (1) tables, chairs...
He is big and black.

(1) breaks : casse

Description 26
- "Maria" by Emilie
Her name is Maria. She has got blue jeans and a pink t-shirt. She has got long red hair. She has got green eyes. Her favourite colours are pink and blue. She likes dancing.

ACTIVITIES created by 6ème 1

Colours and numbers by Joséphine
Colours and vocabulary by Morganne
by Morganne
by Léa
by Arnaud
Find the differences
by Ophélie
Find the 10 differences
by Camille
Find the 6 differences by Florian
Find the 7 differences
by Gwendoline
Find the 8 differences by Emilie
Find the 7 differences by Louis
Grid search by Killian
Grid search by Lyès

SONGS lyrics & music

Father Christmas (change trees, music, dance !)
If It Weren't for Shinny
Jingle Bells
Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer
Sugarplum Mary Christmas
The Little Drummer Boy
The Merriest Place in Cyberspace
We Wish You a Merry Christmas
Winter Wonderland

Other Christmas carols lyrics and audio files


Christmas is coming listen

Christmas is coming.
The geese are getting fat.
Please put a penny
In the old man’s hat.
If you haven't got a penny
A ha-penny will do.
If you haven't got a ha-penny
Then God bless you !

Poem by E.E. Cumings


Find the differences (kidsdomain.com)
The Snowman (British Council)
Word circle (EFL4U)


C is for the Candy trimmed around the Christmas tree.
H is for the Happiness with all the family.
R is for the Reindeer prancing by the window pane.
I is for the Icing on the cake as sweet as sugar cane.
S is for the Stocking on the chimney wall.
T is the Toys beneath the tree so tall.
M is for the Mistletoe where every one is kissed.
A is for the Angels who make up the Christmas list.
S is for old Santa who makes every kid his pet.

Be good and he'll bring you everything in your Christmas Alphabet.


Christmas webquest editions Didier pupils 6ème
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