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by Roald Dahl

Roald Dahl
The book
The film by Tim Burton
Photo gallery

Go to answers.com and type keywords "Roald Dahl"
Read about Dahl's life and works, then check your comprehension

Can you find the following information?

1. What nationality was Roald Dahl?
2. Was he the same nationality as his parents?
3. What happened to his elder sister?
4. Who died of pneumonia?
5. Did he keep good memories of school?
6. Find the title of his book about violence at school.
7. What was his first job?
8. What did he do during the Second World War?
9. Was the plane crash serious?
10. When did he write his first work?
11. Who did he marry in 1953?
12. How many children did they have?
13. Where is the Roald Dahl Museum located?
14. In "The BFG", what do the initials mean?

Find either the title OR the date!
(short stories and children's stories)

The G....... 1943
Lamb to the Slaughter 19..
The W.. Up to H..... 1954

Danny : The C....... of the W.... 1959
The L....... 1959
James and the Giant Peach 19..
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory 19..
F........ Mr ... 1970
The BFG 19..
M...... 1988

short biography


"Twice a day, on his way to and from school, little Charlie Bucket had to walk right past the gates of the factory. And every time he went by he would begin to walk very, very slowly, and he would hold his nose high in the air and take long deep sniffs of the gorgeous chocolatey smell all around him. Oh, how he loved that smell! And oh, how he wished he could go inside the factory and see what it was like."

- Roald Dahl
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

Patrick's recording

Charlie Bucket comes from a poor family, and spends most of his time dreaming about the chocolate that he loves but usually can't afford (1). Things change when Willy Wonka, head of the very popular Wonka Chocolate Empire, announces a contest (2) in which five golden tickets have been hidden in chocolate bars and sent throughout the country (3). The kids (4) who find the tickets will be taken on a tour of Wonka's chocolate factory (5) and get a special glimpse (6) of the wonders (7) within. Charlie miraculously finds a ticket, along with four other children much naughtier (8) than him. The tour of the factory will hold more than a few surprises for this bunch (9)... The winner of the tour inherits Willy's chocolate factory. Charlie wins and his whole family comes and lives in the factory with him.

The 4 other golden ticket holders :

Veruca Salt - a spoiled rich girl
Augustus Gloop - a gluttonous kid who stuffs his face with sweets Violet Beauregarde - a gum-chewing
Mike Teavee - a kid who spends more time watching TV and playing video games than anything else.

(1) can't afford : ne peut pas se payer
(2) a contest : un concours
(3) throughout the country : à travers tout le pays
(4) kids (= children) : enfants
(5) factory : fabrique, entreprise
(6) glimpse : coup d'oeil, aperçu
(7) wonders : merveilles (wonderful : merveilleux)
(8) naughty : vilain, effronté - naughtier than : plus vilain que
(9) bunch : groupe, bande

Check your comprehension (22 questions) KEY

1 What is Charlie's father's job?
A he works as a carpenter (menuisier)
B he works in a toothpaste factory
C he works in a bottle factory

Why do Charlie's four grandparents sleep in the same bed?
A to tell stories in the evenings
B to stay in the warm
C there's just one bed in the house

What does Charlie have for breakfast?
A a bowl of cereals
B tea and croissants
C bread and margarine

4 What will the children visiting the factory win?
A a trip to Africa
B a hot-air balloon trip
C sweets

Who was the Prince who had a palace made of chocolate?
A Charlie
B Pondichéry
C Willy

6 Why did Mr Wonka close his chocolate factory?
A he left for India
B the workers didn't want to work any longer
C spies stole his recipes (recettes)

How many children can visit the chocolate factory?
A three
B five
C seven

8 Where are the winning tickets hidden?
A inside the wrapping paper of candy bars
B in newspapers
C in a garden

9 Why was Augustus Gloop the first child to find a golden ticket?
A he had a machine that could find gold
B he buys lots of chocolate
C Mr Wonka gave him a golden ticket

How old is Mike Teavee?
A nine
B seven
C eleven

11 Who found the third ticket?
A Veruca Salt
B Violette Beauregard
C Cornelia Prinzmetel

12 Where does Violette Beauregard stick her chewing-gum at meal time?
A behind her ear
B under the table
C in a piece of paper

13 How could Charlie buy his second candy bar?
A thanks to Grandpa Joe's savings (économies)
B his father gave him a coin
C he broke his piggy bank (tirelire)

14 When is the visit?
A on February 1st
B on January 15th
C on March 1st

15 Who accompanies Charlie during the visit?
A Mr Bucket
B Grandpa Joe
C Grandpa Georges

Which animal does Mr Wonka look like?
A a monkey
B a hippopotamus
C a squirrel (écureuil)

17 What did the Oompa-lompas eat?
A snails
B bananas
C green caterpillars (chenilles vertes)

How did Mr Wonka persuade them to leave their country?
A he promised to give them cocoa every day (cacao)
B he gave them money
C he threatened them (menacer)

19 What colour is the meal chewing-gum?
A pink
B grey
C blue

Who owns a peanuts factory? (cacahuètes)
A Mr Teavee

B Mr Salt
C Mr Bucket

Why is Charlie the only child at the end?
A he's the poorest
B he's the wisest
C he doesn't like chocolate

22 Where does Charlie's family go to live after the visit?
A in Africa
B in the chocolate factory
C in a palace made of chocolate


Go to IMDb and type keywords "Charlie chocolate factory"
Read about the genre, the cast, the plot...

Can you get the answers?

1. When was the film released in the USA?
2. Who is the director?
3. Use the link and find 2 famous films by this director.
4. What is Johnny Depp's part?
5. What is the real name of Charlie Bucket?
6. Use the link and find how old he is.
7. How long is the movie?


Can you identify the characters?

Click on the bubble to check your answers

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